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Rectangular Net

Rectangular Net
Originally uploaded by cmama

Made a few years ago.

Crochet Fantasy Number 3
December 1982

Size 7 hook, 10 thread


Tea Rose Runner

Tea Rose Runner
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Touch of Color Doilies, House of White Birches

Design by Zelda Workman

12″ x 28″

Size 6 hook, 10 thread

Apple Filet Runner

Apple Filet Runner
Originally uploaded by cmama

Made quite a few years ago.

House of White Birches, Collectible Doily Series

Design by Connie Clark

10″ x 26″

Froggin’ it. Argh.

I finished up a round on the doily I’m making for my friend’s wedding gift. I take a took at the doily and how it’s coming along and I notice it’s bunching up in this one section. Oh no! Where I was supposed to split off the shells for between pineapples, I didn’t at this one pair. I look and thought I had to go back 5 rounds. My hubby says, “we’ll just get her a gift certificate from the mall.” I said, “I wanted to save money by making her something, and I wanted to present her with something that I made.” He told me it wasn’t worth seeing me getting frustrated.

Well, I frogged the 4 rounds I need to frog just now and I’ll see how far I get on it today. I just need to pause between rounds to make sure things look right. I don’t know that I’ve ever made a mistake quite like this. I mean, I’ve made mistakes before, but they didn’t affect the pattern enough to frog it. This one HAD to be redone.

Well, we’ll see what comes of this.

Table Runner finished!

The table runner I made for my friend’s wedding shower is finished. Her shower was today and, yes, I was crocheting it at the shower. Now, I have read that it’s not polite to crochet the gift you are giving at the shower, however, I did ask permission, and my friends know me well enough that I am ALWAYS crocheting. They did not think it rude of me, at all.

It measures 20″ wide by 55″ long. I crocheted it using size 10 white, cotton thread. I used a pattern from Magic Crochet, December 1988, Number 57. It is #19 in the book, Oval Runner by Elisabeth Hiddleson. I think I used a size 7 hook. It had a stone handle and I forget what size it is. 😀 It’s between a 7 and 5. I started it Good Friday and finished today, so it took a week and 2 days.

Pineapple Runner