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Trip to Starbucks

My espresso maker has not been working lately, so I headed out to Starbucks this morning for a latte. I took my boys with me and while the little guys (ages 6 and 4) and I were waiting by the serving “table”, the barrista pushed a drink to a customer. It didn’t slide across the surface too well, and instead, spilled, landing on my boys. It was an iced drink. Which is strange considering it is 65 and we are in South Florida. When the temperature goes below 75 everyone bundles up. We got a free drink coupon out of it, but what I really came away with today was God’s protection. Sure, the drink still spilled on the little ones, causing one to cry from surprise and the other to rub his head and tell me that it hurt a bit (from the ice), but it could have been much worse. Had that been a hot coffee, I’d probably be sitting at the hospital right now dealing with burns.

We serve an awesome God. The signs of his goodness and grace are everywhere if we care to look and find them. The spilling of the drink was done because the barrista was clumsy and not paying attention. The fact that it was an iced drink instead of a hot one was favor from on high.



I ran out of the Starbucks Espresso Pods and was unable to find them locally. So I picked up a bag of Starbucks Espresso Roast and had them grind it for me.

I cannot believe the difference! It does taste different, maybe not as strong (I can work on that) but the difference I can SEE is that there is more crema in my latte. Very creamy and yummy!

Did Your Starbucks Make the List?

I read at FoxNews that Starbucks released the names of the stores that are being closed. But they failed to give a link with this information.

So, I did a search on Florida Starbucks store closing to see if any of mine made the list.

Only one store in my city, Coral Springs, made the list. My city wasn’t listed under my city, however, it was listed under Pompano Beach. The Starbucks in the Coral Square Mall is closing.

This .pdf file is Starbuck’s List of U.S. Store Closings.

Starbucks Mug

Originally posted May 16, 2007

Scott and the kids got me a Starbucks card for Mother’s Day. I went there last night after having to run to the Post Office and get 64 $.02 stamps (grrrr). I went to a different Starbucks than I normally go to. I tend to go to the same places all the time and don’t like to sway from that. But the other one was closer, and even though I knew it would be crowded, I asked Kenaniah (my 4-year-old), who was with me, which one I should go to. He said, go to the one that is closer, mommy. So we went. As we walked into the store, I see city mugs. And I see that they are Ft. Lauderdale mugs. I have been collecting city mugs for almost 2 years. Since I don’t go out of state often, I only have 3 mugs. So, I couldn’t resist and spent 2 future coffees on this mug. 🙂 Well worth it, though. It’s a nice looking one.