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Pink Elephant

Pink Elephant
I made up this pink elephant as a gag gift for the youth group to give one of their leaders. I used some hot pink yarn I found this pattern, and an H hook. I ran out of the pink yarn so I finished off the trunk with white. Since I’ve already give the elephant to the youth group, I don’t know the size. I’d say about 8″ tall.



My daughter wanted to give her friend a stuffed penguin for his birthday (12/1). We will be seeing him tonight so I thought I would be able to quickly design a pattern for a large stuffed animal looking very close to Tux, the Linux penguin.

But, the challenge proved a bit too difficult to tackle in such a limited time-frame. This afternoon, a package arrived from Herschners with some yarn that I ordered and a pattern booklet for stuffed animals. It’s Cuddle Buddies from Annie’s Attic. There is a pattern for a duck in there, so I decided I could modify it a bit for my needs. 😉

I used a size G hook and worsted weight yarn. Just some scraps I had lying around.

He’s 7″ tall.


Cooper – Lion in OD and Black

So, I held a drawing for someone on a forum I frequent to win a lion. Jonathon’s name was drawn and he wanted a lion in OD and black. So I made him up and named him Cooper after Jeff Cooper.

I think he’s cute. 🙂


Another lion – pink and purple version

A friend of mine wanted me to make her granddaughter a lion. The girl’s room is pink and purple and she wanted her to have a pink and purple lion. Here is what I came up with.

I used Caron Simply Soft and a G hook.

Pink Lion

Scrappy the Lion

I have decided to finally do something with all this yarn in my stash. I found a pattern I had wanted to do for a while, Leopold by Angela Winger found in “Blue Ribbon Crochet” by House of White Birches.

I am using Red Heart Super Saver – Eggnog (someone gave me 2 8oz skeins and it was only $1.50/skein) for the lion, Red Heart Super Saver – Maroon for the mane and probably Red Heart Super Saver light, light brown. Don’t know the exact color as the wrapper is long gone. 😉 I’m using a G hook.

It’s working up quickly for now. I am using an eye hook with some beads on it for a stitch marker.

Pictures to come soon. 😉

He’s finished!

I got the little bugger finished.

He’s not perfect, but I think I did ok for my first stuffed animal.

I did not use buttons with the legs. I just couldn’t get it to work.

I did not embroider a nose/mouth. I think he’s cute enough with just the eyes (could be that I don’t know how to embroider.) 🙂



My nephew, Benji, is sick. 😦 I have decided to make him a stuffed animal. I am praying over it as I make it. My BIL says that Benji LOVES turtles, so I hope this little guy makes him happy.

I’m using Red Heart Soft Baby in Lime for the body and a size E hook.

The pattern comes from June 2005 issue of Crochet World. It’s called “Baby Misty Turtle” (Interesting because Benji’s mommy’s name is Misty), designed by Fran Goreham. It’s on page 33 for those of you with this issue.

The color I chose for the shell is a variegated white, green, yellow and a purple/blue. Other than that, the colors I chose are the same as the pattern.

I’m excited and can’t wait to see how he turns out.