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What I’m Working On

W.I.P. 7/16/08

I’m waiting for my elann.com order to come in so I can get swatching on my friend’s mom’s turban.

Elann.com - Coffee Bean

edited – It came in today! Yay!

I’m slowing working on the Kitty Bag.

I still have to finish the Belles doily.

I’m almost finished with my last La Mer scarf.

Can’t really get motivated right now to do much of anything. 😦

edited – I’ll be working on the Chemo Turban. 🙂


W.I.P.s – Wednesday 6/7/06

Well, the bag didn’t work out. 😦 I am just not a sewer. So I ended up purchasing a basket/bag from Walmart with the gromet hole aready there. I will add some of the eyelets around so I can have more than one project in the basket.

I am working again on Heart Strings Afghan by Winnona Nagy. I found the pattern in the June 2005 issue of Crochet World, page 42. I’m working it up with Caron Simply Soft in white with an I hook. I was going to give it to my friends who got married, but I didn’t finish it in time. In fact, right now, I’m a little over 1/3 through. I need to make 33 rows of heart and I’m on row 17. Hmm. My math really isn’t good, is it? I’m a little more than 1/2 through! Yippee!. We already gave our friends a gift certificate to Macy’s so someone else will be getting this blanket – I just don’t know who yet. I have been praying Psalm 84 over it.

I’m also making some bracelets. I found the pattern in a Crochet! magazine, but since I cannot find it right now, I don’t know which issue it is. I’m a little upset with myself as there were 2 different patterns and I only made one pattern up so far. I can copy the pattern – not difficult, but I didn’t make up the other one and I don’t know how it works up. I guess I can make a choice to spread my wings into designing my own… 😦 Not looking forward to that.

I also want to make up a small pouch using Aunt Lydia’s Double Strand (3) – same I’m using for the bracelets. I want it to put my id in when I don’t want to carry my purse.

Edited: Yeah! I found the Crochet! Magazine!!! I can now make the other bracelet. It’s the May 2006 issue, page 18.

W.I.P.s – Friday 6/2/06

I am working on a bag for myself using Lily’s String Basket pattern. I am using Caron Simplly Soft with a strand of Aunt Lydia’s Denim and a J hook. I crocheted over the strand of denim for the bottom and then did a round of hdc around – using 2 strands – CSS and ALD. I then do 3 rounds of ch 5 mesh using only CSS and bringing the ALD up each time I start a new round. I then do a round of hdc and will work this up until it’s tall enough. I will then be lining it and I want to make a draw-string pocket. I will then be adding eyelets around the top of the fabric so I can put strands of yarn through them. I may even get creative and make some pockets for hooks, scissors and such. 🙂

That’s all that’s on the WIP list – for now. 😀 LOL

W.I.P.s – Saturday 5/27/06

Bag *** I finished the fluffy blue blanket for my friend. I’m going to whip up a bag to put it in for her (a good way to use up some of my yarn stash). I am going to use some Caron Simply Soft navy blue worsted weight. I will be using a pattern from Sugar N Cream using this pattern. It’s a .pdf and can be downloaded if you join their site for free. Here’s a picture of it from their site.

I also want to whip up some washcloths for me to use around the house. I found a neat star washcloth pattern and have made one so far.

I am also wanting to make up a piece for a friend. I will post more information later as I’m not sure she reads this or not. 🙂

5/10/06 W.I.P.s

* Baby blankets for my friend, Beth. She purchased some Department 71 Sofie in Hula Blues and Pastels. I am using an N hook, ch 102, hdc in 3rd ch from hook and in each chain across (not as easy as it sounds since I cannot see the stitches. I decide on the 2nd row to, ch2, hdc between 1st and 2nd st, hdc between ea st across. Much easier than trying to see the stitches. I will be doing that until I use all 10 balls. I’m starting with the Pastels. Wow, it’s coming out so nicely. I really like the colors and how they look together.

* Doily – “Time for Refreshment” by Mayumi Sato. Page 55 from Magic Crochet Issue December 1988, Number 57. Done in ecru size 10 with a 4 hook, I think. I’m hoping to get it done by Saturday for my friend’s wedding.

* Scarf – “Oval Runner” by Elisabeth Hiddleson. Page 38 from Magic Crochet Issue December 1988, Number 57. Done in white size 10 with a 4 hook, I think. I had made this oval runner for my friend’s bridal shower – see post – and her mom had seen it when it was just a long rectangle. She said it would look great as a scarf. She asked if I could make her one when I was finished with the runner. I’ll work it through round 100 probably.

* Hat – Durango by YarnCat. I’ll be doing this in White Caron Simply Soft with a strand of white/silver crochet size 10 thread worked in. My friend who wanted the scarf also wants the hat. She asked if I could make it in white with silver. I thought this the best way to accomplish that task.

Next WIP

I am continuing my work on the wedding gift for my friend. I found a pattern for a very nice blanket called Heart Strings Afghan in the June 2005 issue of Crochet World. I’m using an I hook and Caron Simply Soft in white.

I’ll post pictures when I’m done.

Current W.I.P.

I am currently working on a table runner for a friend’s wedding shower. It is so beautiful. I cannot wait until it is finished and I iron it so that I can post a picture of it. I think that it will be finished soon.

I also want to make the couple a blanket.

I am also working on a blanket for another friend who is supposed to be having surgery soon.

Why is it?

Why is it that I always bog myself down with so many projects?

I decided to make a blanket for a friend I met through the internet. She is having surgery on her shoulder. I just jumped, posted that I’d be making her something, found a pattern for a pillowghan (blanket that folds up into a pillow), bought the material and started working on it.

Meanwhile, I had promised Beth I’d made some baby blankets out of this yummy yarn she brought me. This was before I decided to make that friend a “comfort pillowghan”.

Now, I have a bridal shower to attend and I want to make a doily or something and also want to make a blanket for a wedding gift.

No, I haven’t finished my friends comfort pillowghan. No, I haven’t even started on Beth’s baby blankets.

I do not know why I do this to myself. I drive myself absolutely bonkers.

My prayer this evening is that the Lord help me organize my time and my projects.

BTW, I am currently listening to Jeremiah Bowser’s newest album, Don’t Go Away. I absolutely love it. He is currently recording a new album now. You can check out his MySpace for more information. 🙂

One more blanket!

Well, I finished blanket 2 of 3. I went out to purchase another pound of yarn, but I couldn’t find the right color. So, I’m going to pray that my scraps will be more than enough.

Still waiting for my yarn to arrive from Herrschners so that I can start working up that blanket as well.

I bought a pattern from Roxy Craft called Springtime Basket that I want to work up.

While shopping for the yarn for the layette, I picked up 2 skeins of Caron One Pound in an antique white and an ecru color. They were 2 for $7 and I couldn’t pass them up. I’m thinking of making some sort of wraps with them.

Layette update and new order

I don’t know what the deal is, but I am having the hardest time staying focused on the blankets for the layettes.

A friend of mine has asked me to make her a blanket. I’ve ordered 21 balls of Department 71 Sophie – color galaxy – from Herrschners. The yarn is on sale and I had an e-mail for free shipping, so I was able to get rush delivery added for the same price as the shipping would have been. I hope the delievery gets here faster than my last order from them. Which was rush and came 7 days later.

So, I’m working away on the layette blankies and we’ll see what happens….