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Notes on Aube Nouvelle

I crocheted a scarf I named Aube Nouvelle.

After looking at the colors, it reminded me of a sunrise and the name New Dawn seemed to fit. Since the designer of the scarf named her design La Mer, I thought I’d stick with the French theme.

As I was writing up a card to go with the scarf, I did a quick search on Bible Gateway for new dawn. The bible verse I was originally thinking of was Isaiah 60 but the verse that came up was Isaiah 62. Interesting because I just posted on this chapter, today. I think this chapter and that song are for the person who gets this scarf. 🙂


An Oath He Means to Keep

I’ve posted watchmen on your walls, Oh Jerusalem
Day and night they keep at it, praying, calling out
Reminding God to remember
They are to give Him no peace
Until He does what He said
Until He makes Jerusalem famous
As the city of praise

God has taken a solemn oath
An oath He means to keep
Never again will I open your grainfield barns
To your enemies to loot and eat
Never again will foreigners drink the wine
That you work so hard to produce

Know the farmers who grow the food
Will eat the food and praise God for it
And those who make the wine
Will drink the wine in my holy courtyards

Walk out of the gates!
Get going!
Get the road ready for the people
Build the highway
Get at it
Clear the debris
Hoist high a flag
A signal to all the people

Yes, God has broadcast to all the world
Tell your daughter Zion, Look, your Savior comes!
Ready to do what He said He would do
Prepare to complete what He promised

This comes from Jonathan Helser’s album, “The Reward”. AWESOME music.


We had a worship service last night. We tapped into the Morningstar webstream for their outbreak service.

Jonathan Helser led worship last night and it was very powerful. It was interesting seeing those that came out to the service last night enter in. At first, I didn’t want to stand up and worship as I usually do because no one else was. But then I just couldn’t help it any longer and HAD to stand. I’m so glad that we were able to tap into that and that the kids and I went. Hubby’s up at Morningstar this week for The Furnace worship conference. Not that it’s any question that I would miss out on an opportunity to meet at church and worship, but you never know.

Anyway, it showed me that you don’t need a live band, music that you know or a lot of people to have an awesome worship service.

I look forward to see what else the Lord is going to be doing.

We are tapping into the Morningstar webstream again on Friday night for the Jason Upton Concert. I’m really expecting God to do some awesome things with those who show up that night.


Finding crochet in worship or finding my worship in crochet

For quite a while now, I had been desiring to create my own crochet pieces. But I get stuck on the idea that I just don’t know how to put stitches together, or, in the aspect of making doilies, how much to increase with each round.

It’s been catching up on me, though. The need to create my own projects. And, yes, I believe it’s a need. The Lord has given me this gift and the desire to crochet. I love that things are created with yarn and a hook. It’s amazing to me. But there was something missing.

I have been working on a Superman blanket that I charted out myself and have come to the conclusion that cross stitching on an afghan stitch canvas would yield better results. I will be finishing the blanket how I started it, but I want to try out the cross stitch on an afghan stitch canvas.

Well, today I had decided to practice the afghan stitch/Tunisian stitch. This is a first for me because I usually do not practice crochet stitches, I just pick a pattern and crochet it. But I was a little intimidated by cross stitching on an afghan stitch canvas. I had attempted to do the stitch about 2 or 3 times. The first was successful, however, I got some other requests for items to make so the afghan stitch got put to the side. The other 2 times I just couldn’t get it.

I went into my stash and found some grey yarn that I probably wouldn’t be using for anything else and thought this would be good to practice with. After practicing and researching the “curl” and finding out that this is something that happens and that I can work with, I decided to go forward and make a canvas.

As I was crocheting, I turned on some teachings from Morningstar. It’s from a series called Beholding His Glory and is a teaching series on worship. In the teaching, “The Life of a Worshipper”, Leonard Jones points out that we need to give over our grey matter of our minds to creating new things. I smiled as I watched the grey yarn creating a canvas, knowing this was an encouragement from the Lord that I was going in the right direction.

Adam Nitti

The bass player on our worship team had heard about this awesome bass player who played at the Morningstar conference – Kingdom Leadership Conference held in February 2006. She loaned the DVD to my husband and we watched Adam Nitti play. Wow. The whole worship team was awesome, as usual, but I had never seen Adam play.

I found his MySpace site and added his song to my profile. Very talented man of God. Check him out when you get a chance.

Adam’s MySpace site.

Adam’s website.

Don’t Go Away

I found Jeremiah’s myspace and fell in love with the song, “Love is Everywhere”. I went to his web site and purchased his CD, Don’t Go Away. I purchased it April 3 and just got it in the mail today.

I’m very pleased with it so far.

God bless you, Jeremiah.

I’ve seen I AM

Ive looked into the eyes of a Lion
I felt the courage in His gaze
I heard Him roar my name with passion
As I buried my tears in His mane

Ive looked into the eyes of a Lamb
I saw love face-to-face
I felt grace destroy my sin
As mercy flowed from the veins

Ive seen I Am
Now I know that I am loved
Ive seen I Am
Now I know who I am

I looked into the eyes of a King
I saw the beauty of holiness
I heard the voice of many waters
As worship poured from my lips

I looked into the eyes of a Savior
I saw love stronger than death
I kissed the scars that bought my freedom
As I laid my head on Your chest

Ive seen I Am
Now I know that I am loved
Ive seen I Am
Now I know who I am

Jonathan David Helser
The Awakening – 2005

Outrageously Loved

I heard this today on an album by Jonathan Helser. The song is called, “Inheritance”.

The Lord says that there is nothing that you can do
That would make Him love you more
There is also nothing you can do
That would make Him love you less
He loves you because he loves you
because he loves you because he loves you
because he loves you because he loves you
because he loves you because he loves you
because he loves you because he loves you
Because that is what He is like
It is His nature to love
And you will always be the beloved
And His love is unchanging
And He loves you 100%
He won’t love you any better when you become better
He loves you 100% right now
And even if you have no plans to become better
He will still love you 100%
Because he loves you
Because that’s the way that He is
And even if you don’t want to change
He will love you 100%
Even if you have no plans to walk with him
He will love you 100%
Because that’s His nature
He loves all the way – all the time
His love is unchanging
What will change, says the Lord, is your ability to receive my love
And this evening, I want to cram some more of that ability inside you
So I challenge you, says the Lord
Open your heart to Me
Open your heart to Me
And you will receive more of my love than you have ever experienced before
I dare you, says the Lord, come up
Open your heart to Me
Give me your heart
Give me whatever your obstacle is
I’ll take it. I’ll remove it out of the way
Because I love you as you are right now
I love you 100% as you are right this moment
I love you as you are
So be loved. You are the beloved
It is your job, says the Lord, to be loved outrageously
It is why I chose you
That is why I set my love upon you
That you would live as one who is outrageously loved
That you would receive a radical love
So radical that it will blow all your paradigms of what you think that love is
And know, says the Lord, that I will love you outrageously all the days of your life
Because I don’t know how to be any different
This is who I am
And this is who I will always be
This is the I Am that I promised you
I am He that loves you outrageously
And you may love Me back with the love that I give you
You may love Me back outrageously with the outrageous love that I bestow upon you
And know this says the Lord that you can only love Me as much as you love yourself
So My love comes this evening to set you free from yourself
To set you free from how you see yourself
To set you free from the smallness of your own thinking about yourself
My love comes to set you free from rejection and from shame
and low self esteem and from despair and from abuse
Because when I look at you says the Lord
I see something that I love
I see someone that I can love outrageously
And I have so much to bestow upon you
So much to give you
So many places to take you in my heart
But you can’t go there unless you allow Me to love you
And My love for you will break every barrier
bring every wall crashing down
And know this, says the Lord, My love damages fear
My love hates fear
My love will fight fear
It will fight fear in you
It will fight fear around you
And if you have fear this evening says the Lord, than know that you have a treat in store
Because My perfect love casts out fear
There is no fear where I am present
Because My love casts out fear
Beloved, you are My beloved
You are MY beloved
And in My love I want you to feel good about yourself

How Long?

Downloaded Molly Williams’ new cd a couple of days ago. Love the song, “How Long”.

How long oh Lord
Till I see Your glory
How long oh Lord
Till Your power falls
How long till I walk in love
Like You told me
How long
How long will I be content
With the leavings
How long will I choose
To stay lukewarm
How long till I will explode
With Your fire
How long

Consume me
Burn through me

How long will I only love
Those who love me
How long till I really
Walk with You
How long till I’m set ablaze
With compassion
How long
How long till I pour on out
What You give me
How long till I live
my life for You
How long till Jesus comes
Bursting out of me.