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I am saving up to get 2 Billy Bookcases from IKEA to house the yarn. In preparation, I have moved the majority of my yarn from a dresser to a bookshelf. It’s nice to be able to see what yarn I have instead of it being stowed away inside a drawer.

I’ve put a bunch of yarn into gallon size Ziploc baggies so I can keep lots of the same yarn together. I’m also going to be winding the majority of the yarn into balls, making it easier to crochet.

I’ll be keeping the yarn sorted by color and then by weight.

Again, it’s very exciting to be able to see what I have on hand. I think it will help stir up creativity.



I just placed an order on elann.com for some yarn to make my friend’s mom a turban. I’m going to be getting elann.com esprit.

The shipping for 6 balls is reasonable and they will be shipping out Priority Mail. Very cool as I know I’ve waited over a week for some orders.

I will be putting this site high on my list to look for yarn in the future.

I. Need. To. Work. With. Yarn.

I was working on that filet banner thing. It’s going to say, “Emmanuel God With Us”. Us and With are finished. DO and part of G are finished. But I just have to work with yarn again.

Last night I drove to Michaels and picked up 8 balls of Patons SWS in Natural Pink. I’m making a vest – #8 Empire Vest as featured in Paton’s The Look pattern book. It’s coming along nicely. I needed to switch to a size larger hook than the pattern called for, of course. I should have started large. SWS is NOT frogger friendly.

This with be for 1 of 4 or 5 girls at church. Who knows. Maybe they’ll all love it and beg their mommies to lay down $51 each so I can buy the yarn to make the vest. LOL

Such a dilemma

I’m making a thread project. But I miss working with yarn. I want to go to Michael’s and pick up some Lion Brand Suede to make a vest or some Paton’s SWS to make a vest. The dilemma? Scott is going to be taking me to a LYS on Saturday. We’re going to the Boca Town Center Mall (Apple Store) to get him a new iPod (Emily, our oldest daughter is going to be getting his old one for her birthday) and I figured since we were in the neighborhood, could we check out Great Balls of Yarn. I’ve never been there.

I don’t usually like going into a LYS without having a project in mind, and I don’t know what they carry. I suppose I could go to “scout” the joint out.

See? Dilemma. Go to Michaels, spend my money on Suede or Wool/Soy or wait (that’s the key word here) until Saturday to see what the LYS has in store for me.

MORE yarn

I (mistakenly?) stopped at Tuesday Morning. I had to get some coffee beans from Dunkin’ Donuts and Tuesday Morning is right across the street. I was alone and had some money, so I thought I’d check out the store. I had never been there. Well, it’s very junky looking on the inside, but if one is willing to sort through and walk through the entire store, one is probably able to find something.

I heard that they sell yarn there. I really didn’t know what to expect. I found 6 cardboard bins of yarn. They were all just tossed in with each other, some yarn was dreadfully fuzzy from being tossed aside with other yarn. Most were small balls of ribbon yarn, furs, etc. I did find a skein or two of homespun, but those were the ones that were really too fuzzy from being in there for so long. While sitting on the floor – yes, it was junky, I’m sure the floors were dirty, but the yarn was on the bottom shelf and there were no tables or shelves for me to put the yarn on, and I didn’t want to miss one single skein – I found some Kristha Metallic. First I found 2 60 yd balls in this real pretty pink/white ribbon. Then I found 3 balls of black/gray/white. I was going to get all 5 and then I found more yarn and another ball of black/gray/white. I settled on 4 balls of the black/gray/white. This yarn is from Italy, and the tag says it’s regularly priced at $11.00. I got them for $4.99 each.

When I got home, I searched, couldn’t find the website, but saw a place selling it for $10.99 a ball. Cool deal.

What will I make with it? I have no idea. 🙂

Digital Recorder Case

SWS and Satin Sport

My friend asked me to make up a case for her Digital Recorder. It’s 1 3/4″ x 4″. I forgot to measure the depth. I didn’t even measure the width and height, as I didn’t have my tape measure handy. I just drew around it on a piece of paper. 😀 But, it’s about 1″ thick (deep).

I had just under $20 with me, so I went to Michaels. I thought I wanted to work it up in SWS, so I picked up 2 balls of Natural Blue which is a light blue, lighter blue, beige and light beige. I know it would look nice in that, but my friend is a bit more classic in her taste. She wears flashy things once in a while, but I think something in one color and a cream/beige would be best for her. So, in addition to the 2 balls of SWS (hey! I WAS on sale. I couldn’t pass that up.), I picked up a ball of Bernat Satin Sport in Beige. Pretty color and I think it will work well for her.

I’m going to use a G hook and simple single crochets. Hopefully I won’t have to frog too much. The question for me is, what to do at the top? Pull string or flap/button down? I guess I’ll see how it progresses.

Letter to Michaels

I have been so excited about the yarn that my local Michaels carries that my husband encouraged me to write their corporate office a letter. So, I’m posting it here and will be mailing it out tonight. 🙂

Michaels Stores, Inc.
8000 Bent Branch Dr.
Irving, TX 75063

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to tell you how happy I am with the yarn selection at your store located at 2075 N. University Drive in Coral Springs, FL.

I am a crocheter. I purchase yarn on a weekly to monthly basis. I had not been to a Michaels in a couple of years because I was not happy with the yarn selection. I had, instead, purchased my yarn and other crocheting supplies at Walmart, Rag Shop and Jo-Ann.

But recently, Walmart has revamped their store and the craft section has dramatically diminished. The Rag Shop has gone out of business and I have not been happy with the yarn selection at Jo-Ann. I had decided it was time to see what Michaels had to offer. I went in to purchase some graph paper and take a look at their yarn selection. I was extremely pleased to see a large selection of brands, weights and colors of yarns, and a nice selection of tools and patterns. I went in a week later with my electronic organizer to take an inventory of what they had so I knew what I would be able to work with. Michaels is now number one on my list of stores to shop at for my crocheting and craft needs.

I have seen many craft stores slowly reduce their inventory, forcing me to shop elsewhere. I hope that Michaels will not be one of those stores. I look forward to continuing my shopping experience at Michaels for a long time to come.


Patons SWS

Hubby went along with the Youth Group this past weekend to Night of Joy. He came home with some extra money and tonight asked if I’d like to come along to the music store. He wanted to pick up a “brick” which is a power supply for his pedals.

I said sure. He said that with the leftover money after that we could go to Michael’s. Yay! 🙂 So, I picked up 3 balls of Patons SWS in Natural Earth. This is my first Patons purchase. I knew the yarn was out there, however, I had never seen it in person. I had only been to Walmart, Rag Shop and JoAnn’s and none of those stores carried Patons. But Michael’s does.

I don’t like picking up yarn without knowing what I’m going to make. I do it sometimes, but tonight I wanted to make sure I had enough yarn, and with only $25 to spend, I wanted to do it wisely. So, I ended up getting Patons SWS the Look booklet that has a set of mittens, a bag and a hat. I’m going to make the bag. I was going to get 4 balls and make the hat and bag, but I don’t wear hats and I want this bag to be mine.

So, after the two blankets, I’m going to get working on the bag.

Pics of this luscious yarn to come soon.

How do you choose your yarn?

This question was posed on a forum I frequent and I was pleased with my answer, so I figured I’d post it here, lest I forget. Maybe I need to subject myself to more literature to grow my vocabulary. Hee hee. I just finished watching “Stranger than Fiction”. Amazing what some movies can do to stir up things…

Anyway, here’s what I posted:

I go with a project in mind, but then I see some yarn that catches my eye, the feel of the yarn is just too irresistible to pass by. Then, sometimes, I’ll pick up the yarn and wonder what I can make with it, the previous project pushed aside in my mind. I’ll leaf through the pattern books, wanting to buy them, but knowing that I only have X dollars to spend and I want to spend every penny on that irresistable yarn that I simply cannot pass up.

I’ll either give in to my desire and pick up that yarn, which usually means I don’t pick up enough for a project, so it sits in the drawer, to be pet occasionally, and I dream of what I can make, or I will, against every fiber of my being, slowly put that delicious yarn back, take a deep breath, look longingly at the skeins that I must pass up, turn around slowly and with a heaviness in my step I will get the yarn I came to get. But as I put each skein in the basket, my heart lightens. I remember that this yarn I came for, I chose with a purpose. I love this yarn, too. The colors are perfect for my friend who needs a yarn/blanket hug that I cannot give in person. The colors are the absolute best colors for her, I just know that when she sees this finished project, she will feel the love and the hugs I have put into it. And all is well again. As I turn and walk past the yarn I got distracted by, I reach my hand out for one last squeeze, one last lingering touch and tell those skeins that the next time I come, I will pick them up, and I will have enough money to buy plenty of skeins for another lovingly crocheted piece, to either sit on my bed or be mailed off to another friend who is in need of a fibrous hug, a long distance prayer.

I think there’s something wrong with me…

I purchased 18 balls of Bernat Chunky this morning for the comfortghan I’m making for my friend. I packed up my new tote with 9 balls, my hook and my scissors. I then started getting anxious thinking I wouldn’t have enough yarn with me. What if I use up all this yarn? I need to bring it all with me.

Where, do you ask, was I going? My husband is the worship leader at church. The worship team has practice on Thursdays. By the way I’m talking, you’d think this practice was an all day event, right? No. Hubby and I get there before the rest of the team – I’m not on the team, btw – I go to get out of the house ;). I’d say between 6:15 pm and 6:30 pm. People start showing up at 7 and practice starts at 7:30. They go until 9.

Yes. 9. And I’m all concerned thinking I won’t have enough yarn. *sigh* I could have brought 4 balls with me and enough. I’m making a blanket that I have to change colors in, so that’s why 4 would be more than enough.

Yes, I do believe I may have a problem. But, just a little one. LOL