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Supernatural ~ Blanket

A little over a month ago, some time towards the end of July, beginning of August, I started thinking about making a blanket for our bed. I had been making some personalized baby blankets for friends following a pattern designed by someone else. I wanted to make something that was all mine.

I had in mind a patchwork quilt-type blanket out of granny squares and solid portions. While making up squares for my blanket, I kept seeing colors from a pair of booties I had made and decided I’d put my blanket aside and work on another to sell on Etsy. I wanted more than just the two colors of black and purple, though, so I went searching through my stash for a third color. I found a green that made for an interesting addition to the colors, mapped out a pattern and got started.

Many times while making this blanket, I questioned the combination of colors I chose. I’m pretty conservative, not one to put wild colors together. I know these probably don’t seem too wild, but for me, this combination was. But upon seeing the finished product, I was really happy with it.

I named this “Supernatural” because as I was making this, the colors reminded me of “The Hulk” and also “The Count” on Sesame Street. My mind was also drawn to comic books whenever I was making it, so, what better name than “Supernatural”? 🙂

On future blankets, I’m going to see about cross-stitching words and images on the solid shapes. I’m excited to see what else I can come up with. 🙂


Etsy Listing


Items for sale on Etsy

I have placed 10 items for sale on Etsy.

There are 6 pairs of baby booties, a framed piece of art, and three lovely afghans.

For sale on Etsy

Sydney Victoria’s Australian Dream

Sydney’s blanket is finished. Mostly. I have the ends to weave in and that’s it.

The tough part, or the part that will require some thought, is the charting out of the design I want on the blanket. I have a basic design that I’m 100% certain on. I would like to add a few other details and seeing as I have a little over a month until her arrival, I think I’ll work on that a bit. I’m hoping the cross-stitch portion won’t take me as long as the blanket portion took.

I’m loving this blanket. I can’t wait to post pictures. This is a blanket she’ll be able to hold on to all the way through adult, in my opinion.

W.I.P.s and Finished project

I finished my friends’ blanket for their baby yesterday. I’m pleased with it. I hope they are, too. 🙂

I am working on finishing the Butterfly Garden Afghan, making up some hats for the kids and getting ideas for another baby blanket with a Sydney Australian look.

The Butterfly Garden Afghan made some progress last night, I am down to working only one skein of yarn on the blanket. The colors are finished and I only have about 2-3 inches left of the blanket to crochet. Then comes the cross-stitching of the butterflies.

I’ll see about getting photos of the afghan and hats sometime today.

New Project

I have two friends who are expecting little bundles of joy soon so I have put down my Butterfly Garden afghan so I can whip something up for them.

Since one of them may read this (or a very close friend of hers may), I will have to keep quiet about it until I can give it to her. But I’ll put some info about it at my Ravelry site.

Butterfly Garden


Originally uploaded by cmama

I’m currently working up this blanket. Instead of the flecked border, it will be dark green. The flecked comes in a yarn I’m not fond of so I thought the green would make a nice substitute.

I’m using Caron Simply Soft Dark Sage for the border and Bone for the inside portion.  I’m using a size J afghan hook.  When I made the Panda blanket, I used my H afghan cable hook.  It’s the only cabled afghan hook I have, so that’s what I use.  However, I picked up a non-cabled afghan hook at Joanne’s a few months back – the only one they had – size J (10).  The pattern calls for an H, but I crochet tight.  So, maybe, for once, this blanket will be close to the size the pattern says it will be.

I was wishing that I had made the Panda blanket larger, but I’m not interested in spending time reworking patterns to make them fit what I want.  I just want to open the book and start crocheting.

My joy comes from crocheting, not from designing.

So, using Caron Simply Soft and a J afghan hook, I’m hoping that this blanket will be a nice, soft, large, beautiful blanket.  😀

Rose Garden ‘Ghan finished


I just finished the Rose Garden ‘ghan. I will be sending it off to my friend’s mom who is starting her first round of chemo treatments today.

Rose Garden 'Ghan

Panda Blanket

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Even though I ranted about the Marshall Amp blanket (the cross-stitch part), I am going to work another cross-stitch blanket. I saw a book at Herrschners with panda bears and it was crochet. I simply had to get it. 🙂

It’s called Cross-Stitch Crochet Afghans 2008 National Afghan Contest Winners. I had been happily working away on it when I got flooded with a few other projects, so it’s setting aside for the time being, but I will get back to it because, well, it’s pandas!


I’ve taken photos of my progress. I’m really enjoying this blanket although my fingers itch to use my crochet hook every once in a while. 🙂 I’m “coloring in” the bottom panda (chart B) and then I’ll be able to finish the top panda with chart C and whatever is left with chart D (bottom right of the blanket).

Top Panda

Bottom Panda

Both Pandas


Panda Blanket
Originally uploaded by cmama

Well, I found how to make mosaics and decided to show off the blanket this way.

The afghan measures 38″ x 50″. I had fun making it, but was really wanting to be done when there was only 5 more rounds left to do.

So, here is the panda afghan. All mine. 🙂

Rose Garden ‘Ghan


I have been wanting to get a collection of afghans made for when situations arise such as births, hospital visits, etc, I am able to quickly get an afghan to that person. I have 2 already and the Rose Garden ‘Ghan will be the third.

I found the pattern in the May/June 2008 issue of Crochet Today!.

I will be using Caron Simply Soft, Dark Sage and an I hook. It’s a lovely pattern and I cannot wait to start it.

Star Blanket

I made a star blanket for an internet acquaintance that recently had a baby boy.

I had some Caron Simply Soft left over from some previous projects so I used that. It’s dark country blue, country blue, gray heather and white. I edged the blanket with white in one row of reverse sc, and I used an I hook.

The blanket measures 27″ across.

I like it. The pattern is easy. I started this blanket on May 22, in the evening and finished it this morning, May 24.