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Mark Knopfler

Hubby won tickets from a radio station to see Mark Knopfler in concert. He calls me up after he won and asked if I would like to go on a date with him on July 31. I, of course, couldn’t refuse a date with my husband. 😉

Now, I will have to admit I had no idea who Mark Knopfler was. Scott (hubby) mentioned something about Dire Straits and I knew who Dire Staits was, but I didn’t know if Mark had been a member of that band or what, but because hubby was excited about it, I tried to be, too.

But, as the days approached, I got more nervous. Nervous for several reasons.

One – our daughter, who has babysit PLENTY of times, was going to babysit, but we were going to be over an hour away. I was nervous about leaving the kids in her care when we were that far away. We took care of that issue by placing two families in the call list for emergencies.

Two – the concert was going to be in Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theatre. I am a HOMEBODY. I love my city, a bedroom community to Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. It’s not the country, but not a crowded city. I get nervous traveling into the larger cities. It’s simply out of my comfort zone. So, the closer July 31 came, the sweatier my palms became. And had it not been for the fact that my husband asked me on a date to go with him to this concert, I would have bowed out.

Three – I’m not a huge fan of secular music. Where my heart is right now, is in music that specifically worships the Lord. But the music has to be good and have heart, so I don’t listen to radio Christian stations, either. I have the songs I love on my iPod and my iPod comes with me everywhere I go. I enjoy listening to secular music, a song at a time, when nostalgia hits, but I really cannot handle, spiritually, more than a song at a time. So, I was nervous about spending a few hours in a setting with secular music.

Four – I have a difficult time being around the egos of the rock world. I just don’t like it. I thought that I would probably be encountering that and was not looking forward to it.

Well, July 31 arrived and I was ready to go when Scott got home from work. We left around 6:30 and encountered a rainstorm and a traffic accident on the way. Not something we had planned, but it wasn’t too bad since we were heading south and east and most everyone else was heading north and west to come home from work. The actual drive into Miami Beach (99% highways) was not bad at all, and I suppose I will even say that Miami Beach is very beautiful (as long as I don’t have to live there :D).

We got to the theatre, paid for valet parking and found our seats. The lights went down as we were walking toward the row, but we found them ok. We were on the 3rd floor just a little off center on the left (our left). A female singer named Jessica Hooper (can’t find any info on her as of yet) opened. She was good. Talented. Not my style, but she was good.

Then Mark and his team came out. Wow. I enjoyed every song. I had such a great time and I’m so glad that Scott invited me to go with him. It was great hearing the different instruments, from upright bass, to ukulele, to keyboards, a violin and many more. This band worked so well with each other and it was great not sensing an ego. It was great to just enjoy the music without having to cringe because I was offended spiritually by something. I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed this concert. And it was their last show of the tour. I’m glad I was able to go.


An Oath He Means to Keep

I’ve posted watchmen on your walls, Oh Jerusalem
Day and night they keep at it, praying, calling out
Reminding God to remember
They are to give Him no peace
Until He does what He said
Until He makes Jerusalem famous
As the city of praise

God has taken a solemn oath
An oath He means to keep
Never again will I open your grainfield barns
To your enemies to loot and eat
Never again will foreigners drink the wine
That you work so hard to produce

Know the farmers who grow the food
Will eat the food and praise God for it
And those who make the wine
Will drink the wine in my holy courtyards

Walk out of the gates!
Get going!
Get the road ready for the people
Build the highway
Get at it
Clear the debris
Hoist high a flag
A signal to all the people

Yes, God has broadcast to all the world
Tell your daughter Zion, Look, your Savior comes!
Ready to do what He said He would do
Prepare to complete what He promised

This comes from Jonathan Helser’s album, “The Reward”. AWESOME music.


We had a worship service last night. We tapped into the Morningstar webstream for their outbreak service.

Jonathan Helser led worship last night and it was very powerful. It was interesting seeing those that came out to the service last night enter in. At first, I didn’t want to stand up and worship as I usually do because no one else was. But then I just couldn’t help it any longer and HAD to stand. I’m so glad that we were able to tap into that and that the kids and I went. Hubby’s up at Morningstar this week for The Furnace worship conference. Not that it’s any question that I would miss out on an opportunity to meet at church and worship, but you never know.

Anyway, it showed me that you don’t need a live band, music that you know or a lot of people to have an awesome worship service.

I look forward to see what else the Lord is going to be doing.

We are tapping into the Morningstar webstream again on Friday night for the Jason Upton Concert. I’m really expecting God to do some awesome things with those who show up that night.


Into the Sky

Emma (Not Alone) – A reminder to my friends

Originally posted May 11, 2007

I recently had a friend ask for prayer. Not uncommon. This time I really felt the need to post this for her and for any one else who needs to be reminded that we are not alone.

On my MySpace Friends list is a music artist by the name of Jason Upton. I LOVE to worship to his music. There is a song of his that’s on his page called Emma (Not Alone). And I think it applies to my friend and anyone else who may be reading this and feeling alone.

I have added the song to my profile for a day or so. If it’s not up, simply go to his site to listen to the song.

Don’t be afraid baby don’t you cry
Daddy’s here it will be all right
You’re not alone you’re not alone
Don’t be afraid when you’re cold at night
I will keep you warm I will hold you tight
You’re not alone you’re not alone

Look beyond the window there
To the sky above to the open air
Look beyond what you can see
Close your eyes and just believe

The lion roars and the lamb lays down
They live together in a whole new town
They’re calling me and they’re calling you
From the cold hard facts that we’re on our own
To the age old truth that we’re not alone

Don’t be afraid when you scrape your knee
I’ve got a band aide waiting and a kiss for free
You’re not alone you’re not alone
Don’t be afraid of your blind belief
Because the more you fly the more you’ll see
You’re not alone you’re not alone

Look beyond the window there
To the sky above to the open air
Look beyond what you can see
Close your eyes and just believe

The lion roars and the lamb lays down
They live together in a whole new town
They’re calling me and they’re calling you
From the cold hard facts that we’re on our own
To the age old truth that we’re not alone

Don’t be afraid little warrior bride
Your victory’s on the other side
You’re not alone you’re not alone

What Only You Can Do

So, we’ve been having work done on the house all week. We’ve had damage to ceilings and wall due to hurricane Wilma last year. My four oldest children are at my mom’s for the week. Good timing as I don’t know what I would have had the kids do while the work was/is being done. For the moment, the babies and I are either confined to the living room or, later, to my bedroom.

It’s been a hard week emotionally. Scott has had something to do outside work/home Monday and Tuesday. He’s been working late the other days. I’m stuck at home with no vehicle and no privacy.

Although I’m so happy this work is getting done, I’ll be so happy when it’s over and I can have my home back.

So, tonight I was feeling a bit emotional. I was listening to these awesome cds by Misty Edwards called Always on His Mind and Eternity. There is this one song that just really spoke to me. I’m going to type out the words, but I found that the music speaks more to me than the actual words do. The music and the way the artist sings it, which cannot be captured in written word. But here it is anyway:
What Only You Can Do
I’ll take my cold, cold heart
I’ll take my unrenewed mind
I’ll take Your word in my hand
and I’ll give You time to come and melt me

I can’t even love You ‘less you call my name
I can’t even worship ‘less You anoint my heart, God
I can’t even want You ‘less You want me first
Come, fan the flame
Come, fan the flame

I’ll take my cold, cold heart
I’ll take my unrenewed mind
I’ll take your word in my hand
and I’ll give you time to come and melt me
Do what only You can do

Come, fan the flame
Do what only You can do
Just let my heart be alive
Let me be living deep deep on the inside
Come, fan the flame

Molly Williams

I love listening to Molly’s music and know that God has many exciting plans for this woman of God.

This is her MySpace site

This is her website

Enjoy God through Molly’s music.

He is jealous for me

He is jealous for me
Loves like a hurricane
I am a tree bending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy
When all of a sudden I’m unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory
And I realize just how beautiful you are and how great your affections are for me

Oh, how He loves us so
Oh, how He loves us
How He loves us so

We are His portion and He is our pride
Drawn to redemption by the grace in His eyes
And grace is an ocean and we’re all sinking
So Heaven meets earth like a sloppy, wet kiss
And my heart turns violently inside of my chest
I don’t have time to maintain these regrets
Well, I’ll think about the way
He loves us

Jeremiah Bowser

This week I am going to point you to Jeremiah Bowser. I had purchased his latest cd and absolutely love it. Normally I import new cds into my computer since I have a tendency to lose things. I had forgotten to do this with Jeremiah’s cd. I brought the cd out to the living room to play in the DVD player. I forgot to take it back out again and the kids had since watched Chronicle of Narnia on the DVD player.

I went looking for the cd and found it in the living room, tossed aside on the book shelf. I looked it over and found some scratches on it! I was so upset. 😦 I took it into the bathroom to wash it with soap and dry with a soft towel. I then imported the album into my computer. After doing so, I played it on my bedroom DVD player. It worked fine. Whew.

Jeremiah is currently working on a new album and you can visit his blog to keep up with what’s going on. Jeremiah’s MySpace

I hope you enjoy his music as much as I have been.

Be blessed in Jesus’ name. 🙂

Morningstar Worship DVD

The Fed Ex man just dropped off my set of DVDs from Morningstar for the worship at the Kingdom Leadership Conference.

Oh boy am I excited. 🙂

You can get a set, too. 😉

Just click here.